To the Future Me

Hi! This past few weeks i know it’s hard. It’s hard to live in the world of  faking smiles, broken mind and unending pain. It’s hard to see you with her, laughing and telling each others secrets. But i know i will be okay. For the mean time i will hold on to the promise of improving and learning from this hardships. I know you’re strong. One day we will meet and i will tell you how thankful i am for not giving up.




Your old self.

Moving forward

I know it’s hard. I know that you want to hold on to the slightest hope that stored in your heart. I know how hard it is to kill the idea of you with him someday. But darling, trust me. You need to stop.

Help yourself to move forward and to focus more in upgrading and building the new version of you. Freed your heart from the pain of the past. Of him. Or in anyone who have had hurt you. Be the person who is being chased and not the other way around. Find your worth. Find the person who will going to value you and will never ever treat you like a crap.

“One day someone will love you the way you’ve always wanted

Inside the Outside

I smiled alot.
I laugh and makes them think that im alright
But inside of me
Inside this mischievious heart
And unsacred mind
You could see a girl with empty soul
Nothing but with her teary eyed and endless pain.
Yes, she smiles
But she’s also cries
She laughed and giggle
And at the same time
she’s dying inside.
Inside of her bury
A dark soul.
And outside of her,
there’s an angel faking a smile to cover that vanity.